Hello. I am Olivier, and I am a cat. This is my story.

Alexa asked me to help with this page because I am very important in her life. I have even appeared in some of her videos on the Tube thing.

Time to Love

She said that she wanted to upload my story to the spider web, (Oh wait, apparently it’s website!) so that we could advocate for other homeless cats living in shelters like I once was.  I’m 11 years old now, so I will do my best to recall all of the details.

All that I remember is being taken from my mother and siblings, and given to a person that was not able to take care of me, because they needed to be cared for. There was never enough food, water, and my litter was never clean. I was ignored, and then abused. I remember being hit, and I am still afraid of sticks to this day. But, I forgive my first companion.

Then, I was taken in by a family nearby and provided with everything a cat needs to thrive. Yet, they already had a child, and a dog, and another cat. Then they had another tiny human. It was a full house. And the humans were not there much.

I was born with a genetic disorder that causes the pH of my urine to be raised by certain combinations of nutrients, which crystalizes the urine, so that I can’t use the litter box. My old family didn’t know this, nor did I. We learned about it after the evil person that would poke me and touch my paws and tummy (Alexa says they are called a veterinarian), found blood in my urine.

I was prescribed a special food. As long as I stick to my specified diet, I’m just fine.

But, one day my family put me in my carrier and took me to a place with a lot of other animals, and these other animals were all scared and confused. We sat there for a long time while my mom filled out some papers. I heard her say that they couldn’t afford me anymore.

Then I was taken away, and put in a cage. I was terrified, and the other cats around me were too. Some were taken away, and were never seen again. There were whispers that they did not find new homes. I thought it was the end for me, because someone said it was unfortunate that I was a black cat, and no one wants them.

One day, when I had nearly lost all hope, an organization called Purrfect Pals rescued me. They said that I would always have a home at their shelter. No one would euthanize me. I could stay with them my whole life if I wanted, but their goal was to help me pick a new family.

Life at Purrfect Pals was nice. I met another cat named Ozzy, and we became friends. But one day, he just wasn’t there. One of the volunteers said that he died.

After this, they moved me to another location in a Petsmart. After my friend’s death, they didn’t want to make me hang around where I might become sad. There was also the chance of finding a new home much faster.

I was angry because I just wanted to stay put. Now, I was living in a cage with a glass window on one side. I hate always being on display! However, the Purrfect Pals volunteers there always tried to make the most of the situation for us. I would even let some of my favorite volunteers pick me up and carry me.

There were a lot of potential adopters that wanted to meet me, but none of them were right. So I made myself as grumpy as possible (Alexa said I was a curmudgeon!). Sometimes people would bring their tiny humans, which can’t control themselves, and they would hit or poke me. They are like kittens, but much bigger, so I was a little afraid of them. Mostly I would sit with my back to the room.


I knew the right family would see my true self, and realize that I just wanted out of there. They would know that I needed stability.

The worst part of being a cat living in a pet store was when people would taunt us with their dogs. Even when the volunteers were there! I like dogs, but one cat had previously been attacked and injured by a dog, so she was constantly living in fear. This makes it harder to find a home. But, the volunteers always did their absolute best to protect us (and tell people off when necessary).

One day, during my fourth nap of the day, my miracle came. I drowsily woke from a deep sleep to see a man and a woman standing in front of my cage, reading my papers. I had a good feeling, so I tried to make contact by holding my paw up to the glass. The woman and I made eye contact, but then I dozed off again (Alexa later told me that my paw was still smushed up against the glass)! I didn’t quite know it yet, but they were my new family.

The next day, the woman that was to be my new mom, Alexa, came back and stayed with me for three hours! I was waiting for her to take me home, but I guess she had to convince my new dad, Matthew, that I was the one (she also said that she was waiting for me to give a sign that I ‘chose’ her because thats what they always say; I stared at her and did blinky eyes. That was it. That was the sign! I am a subtle creature). A few days later, they came back and adopted me.


When I made it out of the carrier and into my new territory, I immediately set about exploring and scent marking with my ears and mouth. I was a little shocked, because I had waited for over a year for this moment. My day had come! After I finished exploring, I plopped myself down on the big soft thing (oh, bed it’s called), and rolled around and purred. I really wanted Alexa and Matthew to know that I was happy.


The best part was that my lifelong dream finally came true; having a long stretch of floor to chase my laser pointer back and fourth. I am a very fast and agile runner!

A few months later, it was as if we had already been a family for many years.

Even though I still miss my friend Ozzy sometimes, Alexa is home with me all of the time, so I never have to feel lonely. Every morning, Matthew and I have “male bonding time” when he feeds me before going to work (whatever that is). Then I like to look out the window and contemplate Being.


Alexa meditates two times a day, and I usually join her. Cats are the original meditators, didn’t you know? I have a lot to teach her, still.

I agreed to share my life story to communicate that cats are not jerks, like the internet says. We are sensitive beings, and whatever energy you approach us with, we will reflect back to you. So please, be gentle.

I also wanted to illustrate that abandonment does effect animals, that we have feelings, and need love and appreciation just like you.

Here are some of my favorite links for cat and homeless animal advocacy.  You could save a life!

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