These are some of my best tips to ease into a meditation practice to grow more peace, connection, and wisdom in your life:

  • Comfort. If you don’t sit in a way that is comfortable for you, you might not come back!  See my video 3 Easy Ways to Sit For Meditation for some ideas.
  • Focus on your breath.  Warm air, cool air.  The sensation of breathing.  Tune in to your body.
  • Be gentle with yourself.  If you get distracted, it’s okay.  That’s part of the process.  When you notice that your focus has drifted away from your breath, gently guide yourself back to your breath.
  • Forget about perfection.  It’s normal to wonder if you are meditating right.  But, the only failure is never showing up to meditate!
  • Remember: meditation is a longterm solution. We experience the benefits when we are not meditating, going about our daily lives (driving, in the meeting, cooking dinner, having a difficult conversation).
  • Keep it light.  Meditation is a pure, innocent experience.  Try not to bring your fears and hang-ups into your practice.
  • Keep a journal.  When we begin a meditation practice, a new habit is being created.  One way to help with the transition is to keep a journal (see below!).  Dedicate it for one month, and log the details of your practice.  Embrace the experience.
  • Make meditation a non-negotiable practice.  Schedule your meditation sessions on your calendar! Check them off when you are finished (and record it in your journal).  But, it’s important to realize that in creating this new habit, you may have to give up other habits.
  • Try a meditation timer app!  Or just use the clock alarm on your phone.  But resist the temptation to check social media!
  • Get support.  Find a local meditation group, go on a retreat, or take an online course!
  • Don’t forget to have fun and love yourself, even if you forget to meditate!
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