I believe that meditation, and my other interests like diary writing, goal mapping, and dream boarding, help one to cultivate inner strength and outer grace.

This is my guiding principle as a teacher.  Inner Strength, Outer Grace.  It’s about having a full heart, and flowing with life.

Let me explain a bit more in a non-linear way.

This is the Inner Strength, Outer Grace Manifesto:

I believe in the power of meditation.

That consistency is key.

So is kindness.

And gentleness.

Sometimes the best thing we can do is cuddle with a beloved four-legged fur person.

That proper nutrition sometimes includes cake.

That big change starts in the hearts of everyday people (That means you!….Yes, you!).

That there is a difference between being powerful, and being forceful.

That you are beautiful, and strong, and good.

That diaries make great friends, but people friends are a divine gift.

That if you are bored, you should just run with it… or create some new goals.

That we experience real beauty only when we slow down on the inside.

That pets are actually teachers.

That what we focus on expands.  But sometimes it’s really just about putting one foot in front of the other.

I believe that we should let love win, and that we really just might make it, after all. Music here (RIP Mary Tyler Moore <3).

Love love, Alexa.


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