About Fear: It’s not what you think

Fear is common in our world these days.  It seems to be a ceaseless menace.

Fear is used against us to make us do things we don’t want to do.  We use fear against ourselves so that we don’t do things (even what we do want to do).

it leads us to wonder, “Am I on the right path?…..is the world on the right path?”

How can I bring a child into this world?

Why should I even try this, that,  or the other thing?

What’s the point?

Maybe we are missing something….  

Our lives are worth living. None of it should be thrown away.

Be pro-life by embracing everything that is life.

That means the dark and the light. The dirty and the clean. The known and the unknown.

Last week,  while camping,  I overheard my friend say to her 1 1/2 year old daughter after a stumble, “Sometimes we fall down, but it’s okay, because we just get back up again.”

She did get up, and after the fear passed, it really was okay.

Ups and Downs

Sometimes there is a knee scrape; sometimes a death.

It’s all life.

It’s all sacred.

Whatever happens is the path, so by being here, you are on the right path.

We can take our fear, pull back the curtain, and see that it’s just trying to teach us something (to run away, to fight, to let go, to turn the page, to return it, to run straight into it).

What is your fear trying to teach you?

Sending you love for the journey,


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