I thought it might be best if you got to know me a bit more before I start writing about higher-Selves and how we are really one soul and all of that because it’s really a bit…..intimate.

So, here are 25 of my favorite things that bring me happiness and joy.  This is also an exercise in gratitude, so I encourage you to create your own list!

  1. When my cat Olivier wakes up from a nap and his fur is rumpled, and he has warm kitty sleep smell.
  2. How baby hands look like star fish or suction cups.

3. When little dogs scamper instead of run.

4. The Kung Fu Panda movies.

5. My extra soft and fluffy meditation blanket (Sometimes I get really cold).

6. Fresh cut grass smell

7. Fresh rain pavement smell

8. Tea.

9. Tea sets.

10. Washi tape in vintage florals.

11. Vintage floral everything! You should see my closet…….

12. The Wizard of Oz (mostly the novel). I was Dorothy many Halloweens. Now I have a black cat, instead of a black dog.

13. My favorite Sanrio character was Cinnamoroll, but he is retired now 🙁

14. Evening drives in the summertime (I live in a built-up area, so it’s usually for some fresh air).

15. Reading about local legends and other strange stories

16. My damask print yoga mat (for when you still desire elegance, even while sweating it out).

17. The cement bunny guarding my front door (my childhood nickname is Bunny)

18. That my mother still calls me Bunny (don’t you dare tell!!!!)

19. Watching the seasons change

20. When my cat stares at me, and then slow blinks (cat lovers know what I’m talking about……it’s how they say I love you….but it means something like trust).

21. Being trusted by a small creature

22. Going to Pike Place Market, drinking hot apple cider, buying jars of local honey, and looking for the ghost of Princess Angeline (among others).

23. Laughing with my husband

24. Pink roses (the kind that are big and almost fluffy)

25. Cottages covered in climbing roses

At first it was slow going creating this list.  I kept thinking, “This is stupid, and people don’t care.” But, having noted the total 25, I could have kept going. I feel abundant and creative.  This is why I recommend you create your own list (it doesn’t have to be 25 things, choose your own number).  You can learn so much about yourself, and receive so many gifts you didn’t even know were there.

Love, Alexa

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