Long time no see! Back in November I decided to take a social media fast, and a break from producing content, so that I could create something very special.  The 30 Day Meditation Immersion Diary!  I am hoping that by mid-month it will be ready to upload.  It will be announced on all of my social media sites (so don’t forget to follow!).

This is going to be a free offer.  However, I am also creating a video course that goes along with the diary (it goes much more in depth) which will be for sale and available through the online learning platform, Kajabi.  The diary will come with this course when you purchase it.  Someday I might like to offer printed copies for sale, but we will see how the PDF version goes.

This is it for now, but oh…one more thing…

May you be as adventurous as this chipmunk!  I am starting a series called Cute Animal Metta (#cuteanimalmetta).  Essentially it’s loving kindness meditation where you wish someone to have the quality of cute, spunky, comfy animals.  It’s something different, and not at all meant to be subversive.  It’s for a happy brain boost.

Till next time!

Love, Alexa

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