1.  Forget hustling.  Just follow your passion.  The world needs more people brought to life by doing what they love.  Success ultimately comes from within.
  2. Choose to see the divine child in everyone.  When people do bad things, internal suffering and lack of awareness is usually the cause.  Don’t add to the suffering of the world by reacting out of your own pain in an un-mindful moment.  This does not mean that there shouldn’t be consequences.  But we need to be in control of our own actions, even when others are not.
  3. Cultivate your sense of humor.  Laughter can be divine, so let’s bring the divine to earth.
  4. Meditate.  This whole “life is getting busier by the moment” thing only becomes true if we make the choice to live that way.  Combat the status quo by bathing in stillness and silence a little bit each day.  Follow these tips!
  5. Stay connected to the Mystery of life: spend time in nature; read about local legends and strange stories; watch a science documentary; stay a beginner by trying something new (paint a watercolor, bake something, sew a tote bag, write a poem).

I hope you will rebel with me!

Love love, Alexa.

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