Well, hello!

It’s been about two weeks since I graduated from my teacher training, and I thought that I would share a few things that I learned from the residency portion of my training.


Obviously I learned more than three things overall ūüėČ ¬†But, here are some realizations that occurred during my week:

  1. Much of our own pain is shared by others.¬† When we are in a difficult place, it is easy to feel alone. Isolated. ¬†But, if we ask around, we can find that others have experienced something very similar from a messy relationship, to an embarrassing moment, to a major loss, to discrimination. Society makes it easy for us to fall into the identity of ‘victim.’ Society also makes it easy to consider our life experiences as divisive. This is why we should support each other; deep down, we know each other’s pain.¬†
  2. We are our own worst enemy. ¬†Some of the worst things in life are the difficulties we impose on ourselves because they impede our creativity and growth from within. We all live within patterns that we have created or agreed to. ¬†Some are beneficial, like a daily meditation practice, and some are not, like always judging our weight each time we look in the mirror. Not all of them are deliberate. ¬†One of my fellow teachers is a woman named Lauren Foster, and she is one of the most positive people I have met. ¬†But she is also real (and she¬†made me a cup of tea when I was experiencing a low point, and for that I am very thankful). ¬†Anyway, someone had commented that there was something they wanted to accomplish, but they knew it was difficult. Almost impossible. ¬†Lauren said innocently, “And why is that?” ¬†The point is that we need to examine some of the assumptions that we make about life, because they are not always based on what is actually possible, or even helpful. Thanks Lauren!
  3. Community is healing. ¬†When we begin to see ourselves in those around us, and don’t make assumptions about what is and isn’t possible, we can form strong bonds of love and understanding. ¬†What could be more healing than that? ¬†We don’t all have to be the same, but there is something greater and deeper that binds us all. ¬†That may mean God to some, or the fact that we all live on the same rock floating in space, or being part of the same teacher training program. ¬†But building community fills the ultimate journey of life with grace.


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Sending so much love,


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