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Have you ever felt too sensitive for this world?  Do you feel like your gentleness is a weakness?

Do you feel that you are constantly filling your life with smart-gagets, and internets, and things, but the more you buy, the more you do, the more trapped you feel?

Well, say goodbye to stress-filled days, and hello to a peaceful life because your solution is here!

I’m Alexa, a certified meditation teacher, writer, and founder of alexarehrl.com, and I will do my best to make you feel better than ever before, and to show you that your gentleness isn’t a weakness. Its a strength!

I have always been very sensitive.  This is probably what drew me to start ballet at the age of 4, and into a life filled with love for the arts and literature.

But as I got older, and the reality of the world started to press in, and I found myself seeking protection in various ways – ranging from closing myself off too much, and not even leaving the house, to spiritually whiplashing myself and diving in too strongly, becoming the youngest board member ever of an arts organization, and pursing aggressive business success courses.

To be honest, I was following my heart.  But I wasn’t grounded, and it was making me ill.

Soon, however, I received two gifts which put me back on the right path.

First, was finding and adopting my rescue cat, Olivier.  He reminded me of something we all deeply know – the best way to rescue yourself is to rescue someone else.

Second, I began to dive deeply into my meditation practice, including meditation twice a day, everyday a two times a day, reading a great number of ancient and modern texts, a , studying the scientific aspects of meditation, and eventually become an advanced level certified teacher with hundreds of hours of training.

Now my two main teachings are about cultivating the heart (like through animal adoption and practicing Metta, or Loving-kindness), and developing the discipline of meditation.  I know these practices can help those who are deeply sensitive like me create a sense of inner peace which allows you to flow through life with ease and grace.

Sending you so much love,



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