Hello!  Thank you for joining me!

My journey began in the Pacific Northwest where at the age of four I began training in ballet. Years later this lead me down many different paths, including my introduction to Yoga, getting a Certificate in English Literature from Goldsmiths College, University of London, writing creative non-fiction, and becoming one of the youngest board members of a local arts organization.

There have been a few false starts along the way, including a too intense yoga teacher training in the desert where I became ill and had to be sent home, and writing poetry (it will never see the light of day!).

There have been some lost at sea moments, including being a highly sensitive person that struggles with panic attacks brought on by sensory overstimulation.

Eventually I learned how to transform my suffering, and came to learn that my sensitivity and gentle nature is my greatest gift.  So, I have devoted my life to helping others transform negatives into positives, and connect with their own deep well of inner strength, creativity, and love.

My struggle with anxiety and panic attacks has been my greatest teacher, second only to my rescue kitty, Olivier, who teaches in every moment the importance of managing one’s energy, being fully present, and how gentle engagement creates a lasting bond in relationships.

I am a graduate of Masters of Wisdom and Meditation, and certified by my teacher davidji, and recently had a story published in the book 365 Moments of Grace, part of the 365 book series created by Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck.

I have also pursued intensive training in high performance living and business practice with Brendon Burchard; however, my interests also encompass the ethereal, leading to a certification in Flower Therapy Healing with naturopath and author, Robert Reeves.

Fundamentally I believe that spirituality, science, and even business, are not contradictory. Rather, they can support each other if pursued with a gentle heart and open spirit.

We are often taught that gentleness is passive and weak, but it is only by one small step after another that we can climb a mountain.  Over time, gently flowing water transforms rock.

My current effort is to combine my creative roots with an interest in meditation and spiritual practice, using the latest technology while finding value in both in-person retreats, and online courses.

My healing vision is to bring the principle of Strength in Gentleness into the world by helping creative professionals develop a meditation practice that enables them to align their own vision and inner strength to create positive change.

Sending you so much love,


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